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Partnerships are challenging. Unhealthy partnerships suffer emotionally and financially... and then some. 

Unfortunately, the problems do not magically disappear with time. Using specific tools  and guidance we navigate the differences, mindfully maneuvering your own communication style while respecting one another. 

Invest the time to build a healthy plan and strategies for the future. Together, armed with great resources,  experience, and of course two willing and active  participants there is great potential!  Learn creative approaches to alleviate  concerns and impasses that stand in the way of creating an  abundant and rewarding relationship.

Partner coaching package includes a highly accurate and leading behavioral analytics comparison report plus coaching or consulting services using deep interpretive knowledge and professionally facilitated sessions.


Partnership Conversations:

2 Coaching Options

6 Session Coaching

Six 1 hour Sessions

Multiple session with targeted conversations around communication, roles and goals. Six one-hour sessions with resources to support concerns, provide respectful sharing, and inspire and monitor progress. Integrating behavioral insights from DNA Behavior to tackle current problems and goals.

ONE Hour Consult

1-hour intensive interpreting and consulting around the report results.

Focused on key issues of concern to the partnership. Concrete conversations to move the needle. Together we build healthy understanding of the needs and goals of each partner and spend focused time to align them for a positive collaboration.Focused one-hour consultation conversation partners and assessment insights using DNA Behavior comparison report. 

I am energized and confident.

I learned that my strengths may differ from others in the same role but to feel confident in my utilizing my strengths.

Overall, great experience. Individual and Professional development with moments of clear reflection.  I left with new ideas and explorations in mind.

- Shellie R., Human Resources Director

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